Talking African Justice: Interrogating International Law

“Talking African Justice is an on-line forum under the direction of Professor Kamari Clarke that provides an opportunity to feature key issues concerning international and regional justice in Africa and beyond. By translating legal and political principles for public engagement Talking African Justice provides a platform for critical conversations about international justice and its relevance to the African […]

New Digital Technologies and the Challenges of Evidence

As a result of a related and initial collaborative exploration with Anna Agathangelou, this research explores a new dimension of digital technologies and their roles in creating a ‘human rights technology revolution’ (Kelly Matheson, WITNESS). Yet how are these technologies—such as satellite tracking, crowd  sourcing, and social media—transforming socio-legal worlds? Are witnesses using social media […]

Religion, Diaspora and the Limits of the Law

  Religion, Diaspora and the Limits of the Law Over the past two decades, I have been engaged in analyzing a range of contemporary challenges in transnational black occult religions that are sometimes at odds with emergent rights endowed agendas of state and international institutions. The manuscript from which is evolving from that research is […]