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M. Kamari Clarke is a professor at The University of California Los Angeles in Athropology. And most recently a professor at Carleton University in International and Global Studies whe she also taught in the department of Law and Legal Studies and in the Anthropology department. Over her career she has taught at Yale University (1999-2012), the University of Pennsylvania (2012-2015), and the University Toronto (2015) and was the former chair of the Council on AfricanStudies at Yale (2007- 2010) and the former director and co-founder of the Center for Transnational Cultural Analysis at Yale.

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Recent Projects

Talking African Justice Interrogating Law

African Court Research Initiative

Affective Justice:
The ICC & Africa.

New Digital Technologies and the Challenges of Evidence


Various events with Conferences, Interviews and Lectures and Workshops that were convened, participated or sponsored over the years.

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Clarke has established herself as a leading intellectual of Law, Politics and Aesthetics, Transnational Religious Formations in the African Diaspora, Contemporary Social Theory and the anthropology of law in Africa. Everything she writes is a contribution to on-going conversations and conceptualizations – never final, always fluid and open to rethinking.

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From Ethnography, Globalization and Culture to Field Methods in Anthropology, Clarke covers new methods and research to making a scholarly and practical impact on legal and political anthropology.

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